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Artist Album Name Year Description (Preferably Pretentious as Fuck) Download Album Art
My Bloody Valentine Loveless 1991 "My Bloody Valentine's entire career has been aiming toward the perfect guitar noise that Kevin Shields has in his head: a pure, warm, androgynous but deeply sexual rush of sound. Loveless is overwhelming, with Shields and Bilinda Butcher's guitars and voices blending into each other until they become a distant orchestra, the rhythm section striding in majestic lockstep, and occasional bursts of dance rhythms (as on the single "Soon") buoying the live instruments' warp and drift. Furiously loud but seductive rather than aggressive, the album flows like a lava stream from one track into another, subsuming everything in the mix into its blissful roar, and pulsing like a lover's body." Download
Mybloo-lovele 02
Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea 1998


"[quoting pitchfork does this album a great disservice]"-Pitchfork Media

If you don't like this, you are not a hipster. If you do like it, hand me a Parliament.

In the aeroplane over the sea album cover copy
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 2002 "So let's just come right out and say it: after the one-two punch of Zaireeka and The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is a bold and inventive work, brimming with ideas and sublime moments of brilliance." Download
The flaming lips Yoshimi battles the pink robots-2002
Arcade Fire Funeral 2004 "Funeral caught 2004 by surprise. Nobody in the Arcade Fire had suggested big talent before and it was not preceded by hit singles or hype. Upon release, however, it blew away music critics, who gushed about its operatic scope, open-armed emotional honesty and sheer joyousness. Though it dealt with death as a common theme, its mood wasn't morose: instead it combined poignant reflection with life-affirming catharsis, concluding that recognising the sadness of death also meant recognising that life was worth celebrating." Download
Arcade-funera 02
Animal Collective Feels 2005 This album takes you on an ecstatic journey. From the shrill chorus of Grass to the quiet simplicity of Bees, the sounds you hear on this album are always changing, yet the Animal Collective feeling always stays constant. The energy of the album peaks and falls but the emotion is never gone. It takes you to a place you can only idealize in your mind. Feels is a triumph of modern music. Download
Show Your Bones Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2006 YYYs before they sold out. This is their best album, and is on many top albums of the 2000s lists. Danceable art rock.
Panda Bear Person Pitch 2007 "You can feel the warmth pouring out of the music." Download
The Weakerthans Reunion Tour 2007 Reunion Tour is [pun intentional] a tour of Samson's emotional spectrum sprinkled with clever wording, catchy riffs, and unceasing energy (a departure from his usual mellowed out melancholy). Plus, he wrote another song in the perspective of a cat. If you don't see the genius in that, fuck off kindly please, this gold ain't for you. Download
Portugal. The Man Censored Colors 2008 Expiremental alternative with influences ranging from progressive to jazz. This album is a masterpiece of overlapping tracks, defining scores, and immense instrumentation. Highly recommended. Download
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion 2009 A catchy pop album, easily one of 2009's worst(I am a giant faggot), and an essential for any hipster. Download
The Antlers Hospice 2009 The first(disregard that, I suck cock) album by New York based indie rock band, The Antlers. A very sad album about a cancer patient dying in a Hospice. Peter Silberman's whispery vocals are mixed with soft piano and guitar melodies, and layers of distortion. Listen out for "SYLVIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAA" Download
The Flaming Lips Embryonic 2009 "There's a raw directness to Embryonic that's been largely absent from Lips records since the mid-90s. For the first time in years, they've made an album that actually sounds like a band playing live together in a small room." Download
Embryonic cover
fun. Aim and Ignite 2009

Really, they didn't even have to call themselves "fun", they could have just stuck with the name "The Format", because it's the same fucking shit.

Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca 2009

"Here, it stands behind so many other newly apparent strengths--a testament to the leaps and bounds Longstreth has made as a songsmith and Dirty Projectors have made as a band."

Catchy as fuck. This is an awesome mix of jazz, folk, and pop. Definitely one of 2009's best.

"I mean, it's a good album, I like it, but what's with the ugly dykes on the cover?" - Pitchfork

Bitte orca
The xx XX 2009 "predominantly slow, furtive pop music, mostly about sex."



Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix 2009 "2009 album from the French Electro-Rockers. Born out of restlessness and a steady hunt for inspiration, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is a career-defining album filled with the band's signature melding of synthetics and organics, sharp, danceable rhythms, infectious choruses with a considerable dose of aural panache and candy-colored pop sensibilities." Download
Girls Album 2009 The debut album by indie rockers "Girls". Lets hope it's their last effort. Download
Vampire Weekend Contra 2010

"An orgasm for the ears, if you're a mentally challenged moron" - Pitchfork
"Vampire Weekend? More like Trying-Too-Hard Weekend" - NME
"Holy Fucking Shit, This Sucks" - Your Sister

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